Motivation hurdle states that employees must motivat in order to successfully implement the strategy in the company. This can achiev by showing employees concretely how strategy changes can implement The political hurdle The political hurdle affects deadlock corporate structures and employees who actively resist implementation. Especially when the employees are managers significant problems can arise during implementation. Anyone who would like to deal more intensively with the Blue Ocean strategy should take July th a look at the book by W.Chan Kim and  The international stseller has.

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Publish on continents with a worldwide circulation of . million books. The German version is of course also available on Amazon: Critical appraisal of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List Blue Ocean strategy A major criticism of the Blue Ocean strategy is that the book only tells success stories. It is unclear how many companies with a Blue Ocean strategy fail. In addition Nintendo is the only example that delirately select and successfully implement a Blue Ocean strategy. successful innovations that are explain using the Blue Ocean strategy.

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Other factors that can influence success are not consider. This raises the question of whether these success stories can actually assign to the Blue KY Lists Ocean strategy. publish there is only one concrete example of a delirately chosen and successful Blue Ocean strategy. There is a risk that the Blue Ocean strategy is only a theoretical approach that is difficult to implement in practice. Especially in low-innovation sectors with a very limit numr of blue oceans the question of the feasibility of the strategy arises. Your marketing training in summer: The DIM SUMMER SCHOOL votes Does your summer turn out differently than plann due to the current.

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