Marketing is currently a much-discuss topic. For some it is a content-relat variant as an instrument ofCustomer loyalty for the others it conceptually opens up Marketing  So what exactly is meant by purpose-driven marketing And for whom is the topic of Purpose Driven Marketing interesting and important The question of why The words purpose- not adequately descri the situation. Basically the core idea goes back to older approaches. For example Kotler descris Marketing . as Values ​​Driven Marketing Questions about the meaning.

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Of actions or the values ​​that are pursu characterize this concept in marketing. Carsten PohlmannPurpose Driven Marketing descris the efforts of a  By adopting a Singapore Phone Number List strong attitude on the part of the company customers can tter identify with the company.– Carsten Pohlmann The st way to address and activate the target group is to address and campaign for select issues that are of great importance to the target group. Development of Marketing While in the first half of the th century the focus of marketing was on selling products.

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Services marketing in the second half of the last century was characteriz by consumer orientation and emotional brand loyalty. The change to KY Lists Marketing . is characteriz by the change from consumer to prosumer.  service offer. This means that providers must generate add value that reflects the values ​​of consumers. This development of marketing in the last decades from to today shows different aspects. The marketing goals chang from sales success to customer loyalty to improving the world combin with a conceptual change from product development to differentiation to the emotional value of.

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