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Otherwise this option is of course available. Incentives such as lower prices additional services or the like have a positive effect on the recovery performance. However their importance can depend on how successful a transparent discussion with the customer is and the extent of accommodation may be lower as a result.  first glance win-back management must be understood as part of customer loyalty management. It is also a tool to analyze the status of the relationship with a customer to identify weak points and thus ensure greater stability in this relationship and closer customer loyalty in the long term. nd-all for maximum success.

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Survey – Customer Engagement / – votesYour help is neParticipants are still being sought for the following survey. The study on customer Poland Phone Number List engagement examines the behavior of customers towards companies using the example of car dealerships. What is customer engagement Customer engagement is also often call customer engagement.  behavior and relationship with the company. Customer engagement includes many different forms of behavior that a customer shows towards a brand or a company. These often go beyond the requirement for a specific service such as feback on an internet platform.

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You can find more information about customer. Engagement in our blog post: Customer engagement – how committ. Are your customers Why should KY Lists you participate Engag customers are very important for companies because they can give and spread recommendations criticism and feback. That is why we are  information about the survey can be found here. Customer Engagement Survey Are there any prerequisites for participation Have you ever us the services of a car dealership Then you are perfect for this survey We are looking for people who for example have visit a car dealership for a workshop appointment or when buying a car. How does this survey work Filling out the questionnaire takes about minutes. We would be pleas if you take the time to do so. The survey is for scientific purposes only and the data will not be.

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