Expand on these ideas. In this creative process it is important to divide the participants up well. As a result employees can get to know new perspectives and learn to understand completely new perspectives. : A customer workshop is not for example a standard lecture or a simple meeting. Employees should be motivat to contribute their own ideas and creative thoughts. To do this they must participate actively and constructively in the customer workshop . The schule should be kept flexible by the moderator. In this way the creative flow is not forc into a too narrow temporal construct. The desir creativity of the participants could suffer as a result. In order for the event to be a success for all participants certain flexibility must.

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Be grant and creative processes must be stimulat. A customer workshop breaks with routine reveals new approaches and promotes free thinking UAE Phone Number List Everything new is quickly record on whiteboards or post-its so that no spontaneous ideas areand easily. Awaken the pioneering spirit in you and your participants! It is not uncommon for innovations to emerge in a customer workshop that may not quite match the portfolio. But that is exactly where the great opportunity for companies lies: to define solutions in the shortest possible time that bring real innovations to light. At the end of a successful.

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Process there are some valuable suggestions that are important for the future. This allows gaps or shortcomings in the company’s products and KY Lists services to be identifi at an early stage. With appropriate action these can be remi before there are discrepancies in the cooperation with the customer or the customer feels that his wishes and expectations are not being heard. Orient yourself to your customers and implement the knowlge you have gain in meaningful measures. Customer workshop checklist for implementation An experienc moderator takes care of the management of the workshop and leads through the event.

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