Learning cycle again and again

At the level of unconscious incompetence cultural blindness lays like a veil over all levels and functional areas of the company. The view of the original sources of energy and causes of corporate success remains block. Instead those responsible only look at symptoms of success such as the key figures or they wear themselves out in day-to-day business. This can work well – but mostly it only happens randomly or for a limit period of time.  situation arises in which competitors with a more effective corporate culture pass by the following happens The cause of the failure is not sought in one’s own incompetence but in others preferably in the customers.

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In order to use the culture concept profitably in the company it is important to understand how competence development is promot. Starting Bulgaria Phone Number List from unconscious incompetence the learner moves through the stage of conscious incompetence follow by conscious competence. reaches the stage of unconscious competence . Cultural change i.e. change in behavior attitudes and values ​​means that the entire company goes into this when new challenges have to be master. You can find out more about the leadership concept of cultural change in Klaus Eckrich’s book Cultural Change in the Company.

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Order your copy here Do you have three tips for those who want to tackle the topic of corporate culture From my point of view one suggestion is to KY Lists develop curiosity . This is particularly important when it comes to corporate culture precisely because the concept seems elusive and elusive at first glance. As a result many lose interest and some do not even dare to tackle the topic. But those who overcome initial inhibitions will be reward. Because dealing with the behavior of superiors and employees always provides something new and surprises. Decision-makers who are also tackling the.

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