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Black Hat Sith Challenge – Our Journal Black Hat Sith vs White Hat Ji So what is that That was our first reflex. Another SEO competition. But  this time. As a digital agency that prefers holistic concepts can we perhaps score points after all What are the risks Do we have a chance of getting among the first places with serious online marketing methods (white hat SEOYes We’ll try it. The online marketing team of the German Institute for Marketing is currently establishing itself as a digital agency under the brand.

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In the future even as a separate GmbH. So what could be more obvious than taking on the Black Hat Sith Challenge We are on Black Hat Sithside should 1000 Mobile Phone Number List we choose The light side of the Force Or the dark one Should we compete with a main page One excludes the other. The luck of the dice has decid we stand up for the dark side of power but with methods of the light side. In other words: We build on the trust factor of our main page Marketinginstitut. biz and create a Black.

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Blog post A first text is also quickly written and off you go. The page with the keyword Black Hat Sith goes online. Since we are striving for a holistic KY Lists strategy a Facebook page call Black Hat Sith was quickly set up. Black has Sith Facebook page Black Hat Sith Facebook page That’s it for now. Off to the garden and enjoy the weekend. Black Hat Sith Challenge DaySunday Today we first check the rankings. Aha the first competitors are already here. Sumax is in st place. The next step is to create the two keywords Black Hat Sith and White Hat Ji as monitoring keywords with XOVI our SEO tool. Create Xovi Keywords white hat ji black hat sith Create keywords.

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