Corona crisis are evidence of this problem. But outside of such extreme exceptional situations the relevant development data move in calculable paths What characterizes scenarios In principle the idea is to create images of the future that are independent of the width of the time horizon. Scenarios thus serve both strategic planning mainly to ruce uncertainties and operational planning as a basis for checking the strategic direction. Scenarios designate different images of the future that characterize the environment of the company. Scenario technology refers to methods. 

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Or an action plan for forecasting and analyzing environmental conditions. – MD German Institute for Marketing Scenario techniques do not replace Russia Phone Number List traditional forecasting methods but supplement or complement them.rely in particular on human judgement. evaluations of possible future developments in order to arrive at plausible development paths for the future. Scenario techniques are also often us for technological prictions estimation of the consequences of technology. The following essential properties are characteristicPresentation of possible future developments. Draft of various plausible consistent images of the future. Prominantly qualitative interpretative statements and procures. Model heuristics to discover and evaluate different assumptions regarding future changes Goals and tasks of the scenario technique. 

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The development of scenarios requires a certain amount of effort. It is not uncommon for extensive research to carri out to obtain information KY Lists with the help of internal and external experts. It is all the more important to clearly define the goals of a scenario project. The goals of a scenario project result from its purpose and use. The overarching much it actually costs you to acquire a new customer. This varies greatly from company to company. Please click here to accept marketing cookies and enable this content Customer value and its change across the process In addition a customer at the ginning of this lead management process is worth less. 

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