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Investment-theoretical customer value. It is usso to speakto calculate how profitable a customer is for the company. To calculate the customer lifetime valuedata is us that the customer makes available to the company in a variety of waysfor newsletter registration data. Two factors in particular are decisive here current customer value and future customer value. An example of lifetime customer value is the relationship between a car driver and their preferr dealership. Suppose the buyer has made it a habit to buy a car worth about euros every five yearsfor which he pays an additional euros each year for repairs and inspections to the dealership.

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Assuming a business relationship that lasts yearsthis results in a customer lifetime value of around euros for the company. If this calculation is transferr Ukraine Phone Number List to the two factorsthe following calculation results current customer value of euros purchase of a car Future customer value of euros probable purchase of more cars and the annual services. Of coursethe funds us by the company must always be duct from the calculat customer value. These can be personnel costs as well as advertising material. These funds are necessary in order to build up or maintain the relationship with the consumer in such a way that it generates.

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Plus inspections and other services

The calculat amount in the long term. The example shows how meaningful the customer lifetime value can be for a company.  into how valuable a KY Lists buyer is not only at the momentbut will also be in the future. Would you like to analyze the customer journey of your customers Get in touch with our market research expert! Bastian Foerster Herr Bastian Foerster Phone + – Fax + – Send an email How to calculate Customer Lifetime Value It is important to carry out the following steps so that the company has the most accurate possible overview of the customer lifetime value of the individual customers and can plan its measures on this basis.

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