Overcome through suitable structures effective delegation and distribution of responsibility. The growing specialization of all tasks crowds out the generalists in the initial phase which in turn leads to tensions and the so-call autonomy crisis . Growth model Phase : Growth through delegation The third growth phase is driven by delegation and relinquishment of responsibility.form of areas and departments are form. At the same time the complexity of the tasks is increasing and managers are increasingly exercising the role of moderator or monitor. At the same time aspects of personnel development and support are taking up more and more space.

Hierarchies and structures in the

The tasks of the employees differ more from each other and there are islands of responsibility in the overall structure through regional responsibilities profit centers business areas or cross-sectional functions with very independent developments. a risk of losing control ( control crisis ) due to the increasing independence of departments and sub Colombia Phone Number List areas of the company and the superordinate company interests fall behind.  new positions or refine areas of responsibility to ensure that all areas are align with the corporate identity and that no clos opposing worlds are creat. Growth Model Phase : Growth through Coordination By the fourth growth phase companies have already achiev group structures.

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Typically divisions were form controlling and the use of key business figures have gain in importance. Flexibility and so-call short official channels KY Lists which were still perceiv as strengths in the first growth phase are now becoming less important. The measurability of success is now more important. Rules and regulations are becoming an important tool which is particularly beneficial for safety-orient employees. A proliferation of regulations and bureaucracy is now the new looming threat: bureaucratic crisis . The company is losing flexibility so that.

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