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Digital form form. Another advantage is that the population can be reach almost completely since almost every household has a telephone connection. If something is unclear about the interviewee the interviewer can step in immiately and clarify it. Are you looking for an implementation partner for a telephone survey research expert! Bastian Foerster Mr. Bastian Foerster Send an email Telephone survey – disadvantages A disadvantage of telephone surveys is that the rejection rate has increas in recent years. The willingness to participate has fallen sharply. Although the telephone survey is largely anonymous the interviewer.

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Can still influence the respondent with his voice tone of voice etc. The experimenter effect occurs to a very small extent at most but cannot be rul Iceland Phone Number List out. Furthermore it is difficult for the interviewer to control the situation.  respondent’s situation is and the interviewer cannot show the respondent anything visually. In this regard the telephone survey is limit. Non-verbal reactions cannot be record in this way either. Basically the telephone survey is only suitable for surveys with a low level of complexity as a telephone interview should not last longer than minutes. Advantages and disadvantages of telephone surveys at a glance telephone survey.

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Telephone surveys – conclusion Like any market research method telephone surveys have advantages and disadvantages. quick surveys. In general a KY Lists large part of the German population can be reach with the telephone survey even if the willingness to participate has decreas. Due to the increasing use of mobile phones however this could become a problem in the future if there are fewer fix telephone connections. So if little or simple information is to be collect about many people and these people all have a landline phone the telephone survey is ideal. In our e-learning kit from the specialist.

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