Is collect and then analyz. To do this the target group participants for the survey must be obtain and the data collectionbe organiz and carri out. The data is then evaluat and interpret and implications for practice can be deriv. Finally the results of the survey are document and process in a presentation. . Definitions In this first project phase a decision should be made as to whether the survey will be carri out by your own marketing department or whether an external market research institute will be commission to ensure more objectivity .  objective is necessary. A precise formulation of goals is important in order to.

When designing the survey a clear

Develop concrete questions that are to be answer by the customer survey. Depending on the goal of the survey the relevant target group must be select Cayman Islands Phone Number List accordingly . These can traditionally be existing customers but also potential  have not order for a long time. On the one hand general questions can be ask aboutProduct satisfaction or company services or another area to be check such as service field service etc. The individual steps are describ in more detail below: Procure for a customer survey . Study Design When planning further you should decide on a form of customer survey. This can be done either by telephone.

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Customers or customers who

In person in a face-to-face survey or in writing such as in an online survey . The accessibility of the target group is also relevant when choosing the form.  of survey is select as different forms of survey should not be compar with each other. In order to achieve a KY Lists representative result the target groups must also be large enough and their characteristics must correspond to the population . The target group selection can be typical random or by quota selection. . Development of the questionnaire Furthermore one should already think about the evaluation during the planning phase . With clos questions the evaluation is easier and faster than with open questions where.

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