Customers can describe their expectations and nes in detail. Short and precise questions are easier to understand and less monotonous. The questions should be clear and unambiguous. It’s also better not to formulate questions too generally but to ask for details. : How high do you rate the professional competence of our support This procure leads to more meaningful answers. In order to avoid answer distortions such as the error of central cendency for example an even number of answer options should be offer if possible. Videos images and icebreaker questions in the survey entertain customers to continue the survey.

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Questions about the design the benefits and additional benefits the desir functions and the application are helpful when designing the product.conjoint Cameroon Phone Number List analysis (joint measurementto determine the preferences of different customers with regard to individual product features. For example simulat shopping situations can be carri out. Important insights for product resign for example can be drawn from the different purchasing decisions made by customers. Learn more about creating questionnaires here. . Data Collection Methods In the third phase the data is collect. Beforehand the period of the survey phase is plann as precisely.

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As possible In the case of face-to-face or telephone interviews you can use the average duration and the number of individual interviews as a guide. In KY Lists the case of written and online surveys the survey period is limit by a fix submission or return date. All four survey types offer both advantages and disadvantages. A personal survey promises a high success rate and the survey situation is largely controllable. However this is also very cost- influence of the interviewer can lead to distortions. Group discussions and in-depth interviews are both appropriate methods in a face-to-face interview. In group discussions questions are discuss in a homogeneous group and l by a train moderator. In an in-depth interview on the other hand only one test person is.

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