Memrs and implement them if necessary. When that happens a swarm can bring a company free viral advertising over and over again Coordination of havior Despite the diversity of opinions some kind of channeling must take place so that the swarm can agree on a uniform approach. However it is advisable that this takes place without authority since hierarchies tend to hinder the swarm and swarm intelligence.  use swarm intelligence today Swarm intelligence is already ing us by a numr of companies today to drive and optimize marketing. Amazon but also countless other online retailers for example primarily.

Examples of how marketing departments

Use social mia to nefit from collective intelligence. Social mia departments ensure that the company does not lose touch with its customers.  and on a Costa Rica Phone Number List personal level with our customers. In dialogue with an inhomogeneous group collective desires emerge and overlaps emerge to which the company can react directly and communicate this reaction immiately as a response. In addition Amazon among others has also manag to reach brand ambassadors who are part of the customer base through target recommendation marketing . The advantage You don’t cost the company any money and you are part of the swarm which is constantly changing and is and remains in contact with other users. The automotive group BMW on the other.

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To this end we communicate diligently

Hand invit creative people and a wide range of interest groups to its Co-Creation Lab so that they could pool their knowlge and  for the company. Not only did KY Lists BMW nefit directly from this cause the ideas could  us to improve the products. The lab was also good publicity when it was communicat to the outside world – it show that the company want to stay close to consumers valu external views and opinions and did not want to remain stuck in rigid thought patterns and routines. Use swarm intelligence products as advertising mia user numrs The swarm intelligence on the Internet is automatically the producer of various digital products and data that can  us in marketing for analyzes or even specifically as advertising material User numrs for example of.

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