Unique selling propositions must meet certain requirements in order to  successfully implement in the USP strategy. unique selling  are appropriate for the USP this strategy can  implement successfully General conditions for product marketing In order to implement target and effective product marketing  it must  ensur that the product in question fulfills a market task very independently compar to other services in the product range. Unless it is a one-product company clear demarcations are requir. This comes clear when pursuing a multi-brand strategy. The positioning may  chosen and implement without ing influenc by the strategies of the company’s other products.

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Such pronounc independence within a company also requires a corresponding organizational anchoring of powers and necessary processes. Consistent Ecuador Phone Number List product marketing often requires the corresponding organizational anchoring of  tasks in product marketing Strategic product marketing concerns the long-term planning of the way to achieve corporate and marketing goals. To this end the product policy goals must  clearly defin and the situation must  adequately analyz with regard to the strategically relevant factors. Various instruments such as the SWOT analysis  the product positioning model or the portfolio analysis can  us for the necessary strategic analysis. Suitable product strategies are to.

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Product management Strategic operational

Formulat on the basis of defin goals and strategic analyses. This can  bas for example on market segmentation course of technical development KY Lists especially digitization  business processes such as distribution or communication are increasingly ing mapp digitally. Due to structural changes in many saturat markets suppliers from outside the  into sub-segments and are changing the establish rules of the game in these markets more and more frequently. As a result dynamic competitive structures develop . Another current challenge for product management and thus for product marketing is the so-call mass customization (customer-specific mass production). It descris the production of goods for a large sales market whereby individual customer requests are explicitly taken into account without the.

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