Brands Core elements of brand management are brand identity and brand image. The brand identity represents the self-image of the brand on the part of the company shap for example by goals visions and values. In contrast the brand image descris the brand expectations and the brand experience of the target group. Brand Consulting  supports you as part of a strategic brand consultation and follows a six-phase approach when implementing the overall consultation. This defines brand positioning as a systematic and structur sequence of logically arrang project steps. Brand positioning is a key success factor in marketing.

The German Institute for Marketing

If you succe in permanently linking the brand with the desir attitudes and expectations you will increase the brand value and thus the value of your Namibia Phone Number List company in the long term. We make our know-how from numerous brand consultations available to you in order to develop a distinctive and individual brand positioning together with you. in the past is a clos control circuit. The German Institute for Marketing sees itself as a key service provider in the following phasesanalysis vision and strategy . Optionally support is also provid in the further phasesbrand analysis brand vision brand strategy & concept and measurement of the brand image. Marketing consultants – When is external advice useful Marketing is an essential.

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The model that has proven its worth

Area in the corporate world for which external marketing consultants are often employ. In marketing above all the publicity work in companies is KY Lists controll with which for example increasing sales are to ensur. At the same time marketing alsodevelopments and havior. Since these tasks contribute significantly to the company’s success many large corporations have their own marketing department. However SMEs do not always have the necessary resources for this which is why marketing consultants are us. But what exactly do they do and what should you look out for when choosing a marketing consultant What.

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