Add value of employer branding  let alone that they can tangibly convey its necessity to the company management. So why do employer branding in mium-siz companies What are the successes of the measures arguments for you as to the potential influence employer branding can have on existing employees and applicants in mium-siz companies if you position yourself successfully INTERNAL Defines the identity of the company and forms a strong corporate culture Forms a we-feeling and a leadership-promoting working atmosphere Increases the satisfaction and motivation of your employees Increases motivation and loyalty.

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Ruces sickness and absenteeism rates Emotionally binds suitable specialists and executives to the company Helps to lead employees in terms of Thailand Phone Number List corporate goals Strengthens employees as performance and innovation drivers and binds  of employees as potential brand ambassadors EXTERNAL Significantly improves your corporate image Strengthens your position in the competition for suitable specialists and managers (national and international) Supports new employees in integrating into the company and promotes rapid performance development Uses online communication tools to gain visibility among potential applicants of younger generations Improves external communication and helps with target.

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Effective recruitment of applicants Ruces the rate of wrong recruitment decisions and thus cost-intensive early fluctuations Overall sustainably optimizes your KY Lists employee recruitment Certificate course Employer Branding Manager  course we make you aware of the importance of strengthening your employer brand. In seven stimulating online modules that can  implement directly we will introduce you to the topic explain the influencing factors of employer branding and show you possibilities and tools for your daily work. Find out more here Employer Branding Manager Slow employer branding small budget lack of capacity & wrong measures Most.

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