In the decision-making process. This is where the buying center comes into play. The st possible and most profitable decision should  made through collective and formaliz procurement decisions. As part of marketing decisionsthe buying center  and lead qualification. As a key elementthe buying center ensures correct communication in the decision-making process. Marketing Manager Why is the buying center so important in B B companies In the B B contextdecisions usually have a greater impact than (purchase) decisions in a private context.  organizations that different roles communicate with each other. The purchase of a large machine for a production company can  cit here as an example. The company’s buyer or buyers look for the st offerwith the st conditions and excellent facilities.

Plays a key role in lead generation

How buyer has not consult the person who will ultimately operate the machine. As a resultit can happen that the machine has first-class equipmentbut is Kuwait Phone Number List difficult to operate for the user or even lacks exactly one function that is requir.  the work process and ultimately does not lead to the desir cost savingsbut to an increase. Accordinglyit is of particular importance to consult with all important actors or roles in such decision-making processes. This applies to sales as well as to marketing in the B B context. This communication is organiz with the help of the Buying Center . Depending on the decision and the product or.

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That is why it is so important in

Serviceother players are involv. These include the managing directors as well as various technical experts and users. After allmaking decisions in B B KY Lists companies is a structur process with many different people involv in the buying center . The three levels of customer contact in the B B area If you are a provider and sell services and products in the B B areathe question inevitably arises for you who you actually have to address. You can differentiate tween three levels for your customers: Company level : Which companies are even possible as customers Role level : Which role in the buying center has which influence Personal level : Who are you actually in contact with and how do you have to deal with them The buying center is the core element to ensure the right communication and the right process.

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