The company and the individual functional areas finally checking actual developments with the results of the scenario and determining the ne for adjustments with regard to the strategy scenario transfer Scenario are in the future and depict different constellations the greater the uncertainty and diversity of the parameters. The scenario funnel visualizes this situation in a suitable way. Scenario Technique Scenario Funnel The funnel symbolizes the increasing numr of alternatives and combinations with increasing time and uncertainty. The influence of the facts in effect today decreases over time. The numr of possible scenarios on the.

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Other hand increases with the length of the observation period. Nevertheless in practice one should limit oneself to a manageable numr of scenarios. not Thailand Phone Number List do without those scenarios that continue the current trend and those that lead to the ge of the funnelMost favorable scenario st Case Worst case scenario Most Likely Case Additional scenarios for further considerations optional With the description of so-call extreme scenarios the spectrum in which the company will most likely move is clearly shown. Strategic Marketing Seminaryou will learn how to strategically plan implement and evaluate your marketing campaigns. Find out more about the exact content and dates hereW Strategic in.

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Cologne or onlineInform now Strategic in Cologne or onlineInform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book Opportunities KY Lists and Limits The scenario technique supports the strategic planning and shows possible future situations and developments. With the scenario method different conceivable developments can record tter than traditional forecast models are able to do. The main advantages of the scenario technique areFlexible usabilityScenarios can develop at any time in the course of a planning project and for a variety of issues. Scenarios specify opportunities and risks and thus provide essential support.

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