Of how we should deal with our marketing and advertising expenses . The theory offers the concept of cyclical advertising or anti-cyclical advertising. Cyclical advertising assumes that I also have higher expenses in the phase in which customers are very interest in my offer and services or if my customers are not interest in my offer cannot or do not want to buy anything. On the other hand in the sense of anti-cyclical advertising  despite falling sales advertising expenditure is increas with the ulterior motive of ing one step ahead of the competition.

I now tackle Online Marketing Manager

Of course the shutdown is currently affecting many product categories and areas. So should the marketing budget  ruc to a minimum or even Bulgaria Phone Number List eliminat altogether The following key questions can help with the decisionHow are my customers currently dealing with my product category Do my customers ne my offer up-to-date Can I offer anything at all Which communication channels can I currently use to reach my customers Are you getting more information through online channels Despite a declining market can I do preliminary work in the design or implementation phases in order to  able to react immiately in the phase of increase What strategic.

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The cold start in the upswing phase is

Issues that I haven’t had time for so far could What is the solution now Marketing and advertising move in the magic triangle of liquidity profitability and KY Lists growth. Accordingly there is no universal solution It just depends. But not simply shut down all activities to zero. many times more difficult than adjusting a budget upwards #marketing #marketing budget #crisis budget Do you ne competent advice regarding your marketing strategy How would you like to advise. Find out more about your options to emerge stronger from the current crisis Contact us . ng care of their target group in the run-up to the Corona crisis now knows who they are dealing with and can start there This.

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