Market into market segments that are internal homogeneous and mutuallyexternally heterogeneous in terms of their market reaction and on the other hand the specific processing of one or more market segments. The result of this delimitation process from the market segmentation is the customer-relat description of the business area.  the PEST analysispolitical economic social and technological also call STEP analysis or in an extend form the PESTLadditionally legal or STEEPLE analysisadditionally environmental ethical legal.

Other tools are for example

These models serve to facilitate analysis and evaluation of relevant parts of the complex external environment.  environment at the level of Honduras Phone Number List business areas ultimately serves to develop competitive advantages. Michael E. Porter ‘s Five Forces competition model must consider here as a further tool . The starting point here is the consideration that five central and potentially threatening forces act on the company.  and potential competitors suppliers of substitutes suppliers and buyers. Bas on the analysis and evaluation of these potential threats the company can define its business areas and develop suitable strategies. In order to create the connection tween external.

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The strategic analysis of the corporate

Internal analysis in particular the SWOT analysis is another tool that can us to descri business areas. In this strengths-weaknesses-opportunities KY Lists risks analysis internal strengths and weaknessesStrengths – Weaknesses as well as external opportunities and risks are identifi(Opportunities – Threats consider in order to analyze and define the future fields of action of a company. This approach promises an optimal adjustment tween theinternal requirements of the company theexternal challenges of the market and the global corporate environment in strategy development. This does not exhaust the list of potential tools for determining and defining business areas but it shows how broad the analysis should . Since at the end of the nefit analysis there is a clear preference for the alternative with the st overall nefit and this is.

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