City is the stronghold of carnival and the Cologne carnival is one of the world’s largest carnival celebrations and of course a . Here the city is in a state of emergency and you really only have two optionsleave the city or join the party To Cologne soundsThe bands BringsHöhnerKasallato name just a few sing dance and laugh together – and drink copious amounts of Kölsch. Cologne love of life Rhenish cheerfulness and tolerance – that is the Cologne feeling that you have to experience Let yourself inspir by the Cologne.

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Way of life The science location Cologne Cologne is a student and research city. Here you will find a high density of universities and research institutions Panama Phone Number List for all areas of science where the future concepts of tomorrow are shift + ←→slower / ) ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek . seek to previous seek to % % % This economic potential also comes off very well in an international comparison. More and more national and international companies use the excellent location conditions in Cologne and invest in the efficiency of the business location.  and the very good infrastructure are important factors that make Cologne a business location. The list of international and mium-siz companies that have set up their headquarters in Cologne and the surrounding area is largefrom Ford to Renault Bayer to or.

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Traditional companies such as Deutz AG or Schütte. Cologne thrives on the mix of industries. Vehicle construction is one of the top-selling sectors in the KY Lists region. With almost employees Ford is the largest employer and thus an important economic factor. But Renault Citroën and Peugeot Volvo Toyota and Mazda also confirm Cologne’s outstanding position for the automotive industry. Also the chemical industryis one of the most attractive sectors for industrial sales in Germany. More than % of German chemical sales are generat in Cologne. Above all modern production goals and innovative processes are in the foreground. The product range extends from mineral oil processing plastics and paints to.

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