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Employer Branding Manager (DIMExternal personnel marketing External personnel marketing is about drawing attention to the company and thus attracting new employees. It is closely relat to employer branding because it is important that potential applicants perceive the company as an attractive employer.  company should develop measures to increase awareness and stand out from competing companies with positive unique selling points. At best external personnel marketing will increase the number of applications also in the form of unsolicit applications. This offers the great advantage that the costs of the recruiting.

Other factors also play a role

Process can be ruc. personnel marketing Personnel marketing – measures In order to achieve these goals various measures must be develop and implement Turkey Phone Number List for both external and internal personnel marketing . Internal HR Marketinginternal personnel marketing various measures must be implement. Right from the start care is taken to ensure that the new employee is integrat into the company and the team and that they get to know the overall process and tasks. The step-by-step integration quickly makes the new employee feel welcome and a full member of the team. Ultimately however the values ​​of the company should also.

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Be convey in a positive and crible manner. The next and at the same time most difficult step is to bind the employees emotionally to the company KY Lists in the long term. It is consider important that there is both a pleasant corporate atmosphere and an open corporate culture. It is also an advantage if communication within the company is transparent. such as: Regular salary negotiations Bonuses such as Christmas bonuses Assumption of responsibility or changing areas of responsibility Changing work content Opportunities for advancement Recognition from superiors or colleagues Since the social aspect is now playing an increasingly important role it is just as important that the company is family-friendly and that there is a good work-life balance. This can be realiz for example through.

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