Impact – primarily on people’s health and mical care but also on everyday life and the jobs of many. Anyone who studies the headlines that are raging through the press not only hears about do’s and don’ts and the plight of the sick but also  that register short-time work close their production facilities and don’t know how they will survive in the long term in the Corona crisis can exist. This article aims to show the effects of the virus on public relations . Public Relations Coronavirus Lightning survey of the.

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Shows There have already en cuts The Society of Public Relations AgenciesGPRA react directly and start a survey in which a total of agencies took part. In 1000 Mobile Phone Number List the course of the survey one of the questions ask was how the Corona crisis is affecting the agencies. : Over percent of the agencies survey are already having to juggle with budget cuts . which means that the budget cut is less than euros. Nevertheless the crisis is bringing new sales markets with it: Around percent of the agencies survey stat that they would step in with internal communication. Crisis advice and the reorientation to online offers.

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These were the results in short

Such as live streaming are also new business areas for PR. For her part the GPRA boss Christiane Schulz explain that further developments were still KY Lists unclear after all the situation was more dynamic than ever and the direction in which the PR industry was taking under the sign of Corona was correspondingly uncleardevelop The percent increase in sales that many PR agencies had craftsman who knows customer and supplier data. The first to-do list which had to implement by the end of May was still quite clear and could also complet by most entrepreneurs themselves.

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