Functions are often not communicat transparently and in many industrial companies the focus is exclusively on acquiring new customers. As soon as a trade fair falls short of one’s own expectations it is immiately call into question as a whole. notic that a trade fair that does not take place poses completely new challenges for the marketing organization and that alternative formats are then suddenly ing sought. Virtual trade fairs with digital trade fair stands are a popular alternative to compensate for the loss of traditional trade fair business. By means of digital events live webinars and the use of social.

Peculiarities of the target group

Video platforms such as YouTu B B companies can address and bind their target group in a more target manner and with even more relevant content. in Indonesia Phone Number List the B B area B B companies form a completely different target group than for example target groups in the consumer sector. On the one hand there are fewer potential customers in the B B area cause the market is more segment. On the other hand these customers make far more important decisions cause they are investing in companies. Furthermore these buyers do not base their decision on personal or emotional nes. You must make purely rational decisions bas on operational nes. The buyer is thus not view as a human ing with subjective motives or attitudes.

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His company and to gain further recognition

As a person who is a memr of a company. For this reason it is all the more important through B B trade fairsto draw attention to. Communication channels KY Lists such as TV or radio advertising do not offer any add value for the company. Furthermore technical products are sold in the B B area for which there is usually a high ne for explanation. Therefore B B trade fairs are also about ensuring a good exchange of information. The challenge here is that most buyers in the B B sector are experts themselves and therefore already have extensive prior knowlge. Seminar direct marketing in B B sales Our.

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