Offer exclusive nefits that the club memr would not normally get. Communicate the club – Use the club and its events as an additional advertising tool. Strategic Marketing Seminar Would you like to sustainably advance your marketing even in dynamic times?  you will learn how to strategically design and develop your marketing. Find out about dates and content here W.  Strategic Marketing with  in Cologne or online Inform now WStrategic Marketing with  in Cologne or online Inform now Legend Free places available. Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. We would  happy to support you in designing a customer loyalty program.

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Our experienc marketing specialists and market research experts are happy to help you. Contact us for a personal consultation! !In-house training – tailormade UK Phone Number List training at DIM Individual practical and effective Employees and the entire company nefit from in-house training measures. This form of training is particularly useful if you are  an entire department. Find out when in-house training is worthwhile and what solutions we offer for your special training nes. info package When is an in-house training worthwhile Digital disruption is changing companies and the world of work. Against this background there are also new demands on employees. New working methods processes restructuring or the development of new business areas usually affect.

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Entire departments in the company and require continuous qualification of several employees. In-house training is worthwhile here. you if you want to train KY Lists everal employees on company-specific topics or develop company-specific solutions . In concrete terms this means that an external specialist trains your entire department on site and prepares the train content for your specific company situation. An in-house seminar is also ideal if you want to  flexible in determining the time and place. In addition an in-house training is worthwhile in terms of price from employees. Open seminars on the other hand are held at a fix time at fix venues. This employee training is usually only us by.

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