Creation of marketing material operation of a website or the handling of a large numr of events. These marketing services are typically standardiz to take tter advantage of experience curve effects . Expert-bas marketing services are often special questions that are associat with knowlge-bas processes. These are not necessarily standard can trac back to a particular specialization. These include for example special topics such as: launching a new brand designing a new market strategy positioning concepts or marketing services which are very rarely request in different areas of the company and are not commodity services.

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Especially in large companies with complex corporate structures brand recognition should guarante in the various marketing activities. Shar service Iran Phone Number List centers can thus ruce complexity and help convey a consistent brand image. Prof.  Institute for Marketing Implement shar service center in marketing The development of shar services and a shar service center can successfully implement with the help of a structur project.  such a project with external support from experienc marketing consultants . The German Institute for Marketing has built up expertise here in recent years.

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The DIM approach can found in this brief overview: Shar Services Start with the DIM in a strategy workshop . There we will work with you to KY Lists develop the necessary framework conditions a process model and a roadmap suitable for your company. Would you like to nefit from our expertise and conduct a strategy workshop Contact us for a personal consultation: Bastian FoersterBastian Foerster Phone: + – Fax: + – Send an email Why a shar services project with the DIM Of course the reflex is great to just carry out such a project yourself. It is often argu that the experience is there and that money can sav. But are you also exploiting the potential that you ne Marketing is very .

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