Measurable quantitative and qualitative parameters) a accept (goals that motivate and want to  achiev) realistic (resources are compatible with target status) t determin (determine specific deadlines) We create an individual marketing concept for you brand management  concept Or would you like to optimize your existing marketing concept Feel free to contact us We will  happy to help you Phone – . marketing strategy The core of the marketing concept is the marketing strategy. It descris how the target marketing goals are to  achiev. This includes the different processing of different markets and target groups . This also includes the marketing tools us for this purpose. The marketing strategy descris the long-term organization.

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The company marketing measures The marketing measures summarize all operational marketing activities that are us to implement the marketing Malta Phone Number List strategy . This is usually a mix of different measures. In the marketing mix or in the  Ps, these are summariz as follows Product ( product policy ), Place ( distribution policy ), Price ( pricing policy ) and Promotion ( communication policy) .). An extension of the marketing mix is ​​the concept of  Ps.  mix, more terms are add to this people (employee policy), process (customer-orient processes) and physical facilities (location and equipment policy). The marketing mix thus provides the basic building blocks for the marketing concept.

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The various measures for implementation are then deriv from this. marketing budget The available advertising budget is defin here in the marketing KY Lists concept . The distribution is also describ. It is important that this also includes a corresponding reserve, which should comprise at least ten percent of the budget. marketing controlling points that are relevant to your marketing activities. Therefore, a template saves you time, which you can use to implement your marketing concept. With the DIM Marketing Planner , the DIM provides you with a template that provides you with useful support in structuring your strategic marketing.

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