For example using cookies and prefer so-call CRM targeting in which existing customer data from the CRM system is us.omnichannel approaches has increas. The results of the study show that percent of the online and then make the purchase in a stationary store. According to the study mobile devices are also coming increasingly establish as a communication channel You can download the detail study results hereDigital Customer by Citellic Consulting Group . Digital Connections White Paperby Tradoubler In order for online marketers to able to successfully generate.

Test persons obtain product information

Purchases on the Internet they should able to understand the purchasing havior of consumers. The Digital Connectionsstudy by Tradoubler examines this buying havior and presents it in diagrams that are easy to understand. from nine European countries are also shown. As part of this internet marketing survey consumers tween the ages of and from Great Britain France Germany Spain Italy the Netherlands Poland Swen and Switzerland were Jamaica Phone Number List question. The result of this comprehensive study opens up a very interesting perspective on the customer journey. You can access the whitepaper for this under the following linkDigital Connections Whitepaperfrom Tradoubler Study Online Marketing in German Shops by Aufgesang.

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The perspectives of adult consumers

In August the service provider Aufgesang publish its new study on internet marketing in German online shops. The study which has now en carri out for KY Lists the sixth time analyz of the largest online shops with regard to the online marketing instruments us. The study shows the following key pointsGoogle search is the most important traffic channel for online shops % of traffic comes from search engines. Universal Search traffic (including images video shopping etc.) has fallen slightly (approx %). The traffic generat via AdWords is . % – and the trend is still falling. Facebook has come a relevant traffic supplier. Pinterest is represent for the first time in the study with a share of Traffic via.

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