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Interviewer reads out the questions and can enter the answers directly into a computer program. This form of the method is call CATI(Computer Assist Telephone Interview). In the case of a telephone survey the interviewer must not deviate from the wording of the questions. However he can explain something to the respondent if he is unsure or has questions. The particular advantage of a telephone survey is that additional or more in-depth information can be record than with a written or online survey. phone tips Telephone survey – training of interviewers Before the interviews the interviewers should definitely be train in order to keep unwant influence.

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As low as possible. They ne to be prepar for different situations and familiarize themselves with the questions and possible answers. For Hungary Phone Number List example situations should be play out beforehand in which a participant becomes unfriendly or does not want to answer the question. Hence the social desirabilityremains low on the part of the interviewee the interviewers usually have prefin texts. As a rule the respondents do not expect any specialist knowlge from the interviewer but he should be familiar with the technical content in order to be able to.

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Answer any questions In principle the interviewer should always behave in a friendly and competent manner in contact with the participants. Especially KY Lists at the beginning of a phone call where the interviewee is to be motivat to participate can pose a particular challenge . course operational market researcher Telephone survey – advantages advantages.  Anonymous to the interviewer . a relatively quick method. As a market researcher for example you don’t have to wait for written surveys to be return. Due to the rapid collection of data the telephone survey can be very up-to-date. Especially with the computer-aid variant of the telephone survey it is easier for the interviewer to collect the data because it is directly in.

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