To lump these terms together and not to confuse a strategic business unit with a business area. The strategic business unit- known from and introduc in the discussion of the literature on portfolio analysis – descris a self-contain and possible business area of ​​a company. The strategic business unit designates an institutionaliz autonomous planning and organizational unit that arises from these market-strategic considerations. The business area thus also forms the basis for the definition of strategic business units. Different strategic business units can therefore active within a business area but not the other way around.

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A primarily company-internal understanding of the term leads to a hierarchical definition of terms in which each business unit of a company Greece Phone Number List business areas and these in turn comprise several strategic business units. What these units have in common is that they form an isolat planning and analysis unit of the company. business field within the company an essential objective of this process of demarcation lies in the structuring of the company environment so that starting points for strategy development can found. The focus is therefore on a company-external perspective . requirements of a business To ensure that specific business areas are defin in a meaningful way the following.

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Requirements should observ: A business area should appeal to an independent customer group whose nes and requirements last for a longer period KY Lists of time. It should characteristic of this target group that they have long-term similar nes and requirements that consultants give you feback Our experts professionally reflect your marketing work Our moderators are neutral and are focus on moderation processes and the goals to achiev Our marketing consultants have experience in the necessary process steps and implementation concepts. The DIM consultants for your project The DIM team has implement numerous marketing projects in recent years Our experienc.

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