Target people who are similar to the existing customer base. Buying experience instead of just buying Studies also show that the purchasing behavior of customers has chang fundamentally in recent years. A few years ago shopping was still done in the classic way but today the focus is primarily on the shopping experience . Customers want something on offer and now more than ever they are paying attention to what is on offer apart from the purchase.  about the respective product should always be available. Otherwise this usually leads to a purchase cancellation or a return of the goods. At the same time a lot of information or opportunities for comparison should be provid giving customers the feeling of all-round support.

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Digital Brand Manager (DIM) Shopping behavior in Germany According to the current study Nielsen Consumers by the market research institute List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu Nielsen special offers are important to percent of Germans when shopping. percent of German customers.  to do their shopping in one go. Shops or online shops with a wide range of products are currently benefiting from this. Do you ne a partner to help you acquire the necessary information Contact us! Contact us for a personal consultation: Bastian Foerster Bastian Foerster Phone: + ( ) – Fax: + ( ) – Send an email Conclusion Understand buying.

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Behavior and boost business Understanding buying behavior is one of the most important challenges in marketing and industry. The calculation is KY Lists simple: If you understand your customers better you can also provide them with more suitable products and will inevitably be able to increase your sales and profits. However in the run-up to the analysis a lot of data has to be collect which then has to be check and interpret very precisely. From this analysis strategies.

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