Does not exist  click fraud False invoices for. Services that were never render. Invoices with hidden commission payments Placing. Orders with bogus suppliers falsification of logs. Hiring dummy employees Target agreements with employees for the payment of ineligible bonuses Conclusion of contracts with customers who do not exist of expenses and travel expenses that do not exist Hidden commissions and additional payments Continuous awarding of contracts to former employees Unauthoriz bonus payments to employees Statements of subsidies for non-subsidy services (WKZ) Billing of measurements that were not justifi Billing of leads (affiliate marketing) Ad fraud in affiliate marketing (cookie stuffing brand bidding fake.

Excessive billing invoices Statements

Customer data Procure in the event of suspect fraud in marketing If fraud is suspect an external marketing audit should be carri out in order Cyprus Phone Number List to find irregularities and structural gaps. A holistic marketing audit includes the  processes the customer-supplier relationships the controlling processes and the qualifications and  employees involv. Typically in such a case the procure is as follows. Create transparency about marketing activities Analysis of documentation and cash flows Target / impact / budget analysis Benchmarking of services and processes Recommendations & project planning It is always advisable to implement such a process with external support Prevent proactive.

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Analysis of the establish marketing

Fraud in marketing By establishing audit-proof marketing fraud in marketing and sales can be prevent in many cases. A purely legal analysis of marketing KY Lists activities often only helps in the direction of external activities. It is therefore helpful to carry out a marketing audit as a starting point . A process audit target/measures audit and a result and impact audit should be carri out. Proactively prevent fraud in marketing The following procure is recommend there: Determination of audit objectives and framework conditions Determination of the rough audit concept Harmonization of planning system and audit concept Introduction and application of the concept With the.

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