Features Within the Instagram app users can comment. On like repost and save produc content. Post photos and videos in connection with text. Elements and hashtags result in the profile of the user. It reflects his desires preferences favorites and hobbies. Preferr by the user can be highlight on. Instagram in the so-call story  the long term. In addition to classic videos which are distribut as posts like. Typical photo posts Instagram offers the option of sharing short videos so-call stories and making them visible to your followers. These differ from normal videos in that they are only available for hours They usually.

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Only last a few seconds and can also be supplement with hashtags and text elements. The difference between Instagram and other platforms is that Senegal Phone Number List Instagram is only for sharing photos and videos. Furthermore unlike other social mia networks Instagram does not have a share function. Instagram Marketing – The Challenge The challenge for companies is successful visual storytelling. It is the company’s goal to convey an authentic company history through a well thought-out design of the publish contributions to the community.

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This is done through the conception of photo series us hahtags and other elements that form the content. Put your focus on presenting the company’s KY Lists history in an interesting way but not without remaining crible and authentic! What opportunities does Instagram Marketing offer Companies can use Instagram to achieve greater awareness and reach by aiming to generate more followers through good content. For this reason many companies use Instagram to present themselves and their products. By using hashtags  can be found. The reason for this is that the post and hashtag are link and can be found by searching and clicking on the hashtag. Users who are not yet following you can find out about your company via a hashtag that is relat to the.

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