Questionnaire This helps to maintain a common. Thread in the conversation and not to stray. Too far from the topic.  In any case as it is often not possible to note down. All the important key points and information at a pace similar to the spe of speaking and in a comprehensible manner. However a transcription that reproduces the conversation word-for-word does not necessarily have to be creat as this takes a lot of time. Using the catalog of questions and the notes it is possible to determine what was said at which point in the interview.

The interviews should be record

Even without a detail transcription. Step : Create a draft of multiple personas Since a persona is not only develop as a representative for a  different Estonia Phone Number List personas for different target groups at the same time several drafts from different target group representatives are creat in this step. Notes made during the interviews can also be includ here.a specific target group representative in mind at this point you can insert it here. In this step a workshop should be held for the creation of personas. This is the best place for all ideas and ideas to be discuss and incorporat. The following basic characteristics of personas.

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Target group but instead work on

Should be list here in tabular form: – name and gender – age – marital status – job – – positive and negative character traits – living situation KY Lists motivation/approach – nes – worries + fears – pros + cons (for the company product service etc.) – descriptive quote Depending on the ideas of the target group these points can also be expand or if necessary shorten. This also depends on the question and the associat goals. The image of the personas becomes more and more realistic when as much information as possible is includ in a tabular overview. Due to the characteristics classifi as important it is possible in this step to ruce the.

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