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Always exist in the offline world. Howevernew technical developments enable these three components to merge and map the sociallocal and mobile lives of users online. On the company sidethe combination of social mia location-bas services and the mobile Internet opens up a wide range of new marketing opportunities. App Indexing  searcheswhich now exces the number of inquiries via desktop devicesa new era in mobile marketing is beginning . Thereforefor usapp indexing is one of the online marketing trends of . In April mobile-friendliness of a website as a ranking factor. This means that mobile websites and apps play a crucial role in optimizing one’s website. Apps are now often display in the search results.

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Because Google reads the content of the apps and includes them in the ranking. So companies can emb and promote apps in their Google AdWords Venezuela Phone Number List ads. Online Marketing Trends The change at Google opens up completely new opportunities for companies. On the one handvisibility on mobile devices can be increas and companies can concentrate on their own apps. Google distinguishes app packs and app deep links as two different categories in app ranking. App packs areso to speakyour own search results only for apps. is forward directly to the respective app store. Ranking factors are the app description and the ratings.

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Star ratings and comments. Whether the userhoweverthe app packsis play depends heavily on the intention of the search query. Apps are only KY Lists display to the user if Google implies an interaction with an app in the search query. In comparisonwhen the user clicks on an app deep linkthey are rirect directly to an app already install on the device. The user can choose between the mobile website and the app. There are currently different graphic variants of deep links. Howeverthe most frequently us display option hardly differs from the normal search results. Only a small icon of the app is display. Indexing of app content influences SEO strategytherefore more and more clear The competition for.

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