To the valuation of companies. The guidelines for the evaluation process ultimately aim to give the searcher an authentic picture of the company. If a review violates Google’s guidelines it is also likely to distort reality and affect how users perceive the company.  the overarching goal of user-friendliness and thus offers the st possible target for deleting a negative rating . However Google is often uncooperative when it comes to individual complaints and user inquiries and only reacts sporadically if at all. The Google Review Guidelines: When is a Violation The guidelines for acceptable reviews are extensive. An overview.

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Of the individual points makes it clear why evaluations are only permitt in a narrow grid. Advertising content is not permitt Competitors advertisers Kuwait Phone Number List or so-call spammers use the rating function to advertise their own services and products. . For Google however advertising content is part of promotional content which is prohibit for Maps users according to the format-specific criteria . Companies can and should take action against such reviews. Many harmful review types are consider spamy content Spammy content includes claims of untrue facts. Delirate damage to reputation is therefore against.

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Policy and may remov. As well as identical reviews given by different accounts. Reviews without a thematic connection are not permitt The review KY Lists must relate to a direct experience with the company. An evaluation bas on contact with a similar company in the industry is not permitt. However the user does not have to have en a direct customer in order to allow to rate. A free preliminary talk also counts as a permissible contact. But the contact must bas on real experience. A professional and friendly approach is requir Google doesn’t allow reviews that contain offensive or hurtful language. Personal or offensive statements about people or companies are also not permitt. Conflicts of interest are taken into.

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