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Customer orientation can be implement with the help of four instrumentsperformance policy distribution price and communication. Competitive Analysis Clarify the following questions Who are my competitors  at What weaknesses do they have How are the competitors working the market What products and service do they offer What is the price structure (prices discountson the market . Services that the customer really nes The core of an action plan in marketing is always the service offer. Every company should ask itself the question: What services do we want to offer However one should not make the mistake of developing.

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A technically feasible optimum what is more important is the customer’s wishes company founder should definitely also design their own-orient manner. In Italy Phone Numbers List retail the right location decision makes the difference between the success and failure of a company. But also in other service areas the expectations of the customers continue to rise. The business premises should be easily accessible (bus car trainspacious and clean end here this can have extremely negative consequences.

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Do you have questions or ne support for your marketing Call them . Process in marketing for startups marketing for startups rules in marketing for KY Lists startups RuleYour customers won’t listen to you RuleEveryone else yells at your customers too RuleThe rest of your company thinks you’re crazy RuleYou can’t run your marketing program without the rest of the company RuleIf you don’t succe you’re out of business (and the rest of the company with youRuleThe more you give the more you get back RuleBeing good is not good enough you must be better RuleMarketing should be the most creative part of your business (but it probably isn’tRuleMarketing should be the most logical part of your business (but it probably isn’t Rule Everything is marketing The customer will love you for.

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