Is often the first point of contact tween the customer and the company. With good rankings you increase the traffic for your website – in a sustainable way. Another advantage : Criteria for search engine optimization are closely link to a high level of user-friendliness . For website operators this means that those who optimize their website for search engines usually make it more attractive to users by themselves. Accessibility vari content or mobile usability are not only valu positively by search engines but also help to keep the traffic generat by the search.

Visibility and ever-increasing website

Engine on the website Website traffic through . Return on investment The advantages ofalso include a positive effect on the return on Israel Phone Number List investment. Increas  traffic increases the return on investmentROI which is a business indicator for measuring the return on a business activity. in the online shop registrations for webinars or other transactions. The investment inmeasures pays off! Overall it can seen that the three strategically most importantgoals build on each other. cause increas visibility in a search engine causes higher website traffic for companies which in turn opens up new contact points with customers for the provider. Consequently online business comes increasingly.

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The return can come from products sold

Profitable and increases. Search engine optimization vs. search engine advertising The professional optimization of a website is associat with costs KY Lists for companies butusually brings more lasting success than paid search engine advertising. this is usually clearly noticeable in the flow of visitors. However keywords with a high search volume are often associat with high click prices. So if you want to place successful ads you sometimes have to have a large budget at hand. However if you have creat a website with complex content and add value for the visitors and if you have attach importance tothen there is a stable basic structure for.

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