procurement market research In order to get a comprehensive picture of the procurement market and its potential the process of procurement market research can be broken down into the following areas of investigation: areas of  Analysis: Analysis of the costs in relation to the value/benefit of the product How can the quality  be increas Which costs can be avoid or ruc Goal: Optimization of the product and cost savings at the same time Price Analysis: Analysis of price developments and price structure Comparison of current prices with previous prices Analysis of price-determining factors (competition etc.) Cost Analysis: Analysis of costs in the company Which types of costs arise in the company.

Procurement market research Value

Where are the costs incurr For which objects are the costs incurr Supplier Analysis: Analysis of the supplier market Research for current and France Phone Number List potential suppliers Evaluation of current and potential suppliers bas on a catalog of criteria (price and terms of payment delivery time quality etc.) Bas on supplier evaluation:that are suitable for the procurement company Make-or-Buy Analysis: Comparing the cost of in-house production versus the cost of outsourcing Which materials are suitable for self-production What materials are more cost effective when sourc from an external manufacturer supplier.

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Benefit or performance of a product

Methods of procurement market research Different survey methods and data sources are us to obtain information and collect data in procurement KY Lists market research . Here as in sales market research a distinction is made between primary research and secondary research. As part of primary research also known as field research new nes-specific data is collect. The following data sources are us for this: experiment Questioning or observations (e.g. from suppliers) company visits course operational market researcher (DIM) Secondary research or desk research on the other hand makes use of data that is already available. Internal or external company data can be us as a data source. For company-internal data sources for example in the context of procurement market.

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