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Approach Conclusion . From market to customer segmentation The terms market and customer segmentation are often us synonymously. However fundamental differences can be identifi. Both terms are present below. . Market Segmentation The aim of market segmentation is to achieve a high degree of identity between the market service offer and the nes of the target group. For this it is important to carry out a market identification beforehand.  overall market is divid into differenthomogeneous sub-markets. Even possibly neglect sub-markets can be found in this way. Clearly identifiable purchase decision criteria are decisive for the group subdivisions. The market segmentation refers to all.

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Potential buyersi.e. both customers and non-customers of a company. The difficulty here is that potential buyers are not individually known on an Panama Phone Number List anonymous market.  segmentation on the other handthe existing customer base serves as the basisas an essential difference to market segmentation. In this waythe known individual customers are combin into subgroups that are as homogeneous as possible. The goal here is to identify particularly profitable customers. Although the relevant segmentation criteria can be and customer segmentation customer segmentation usually offers more comprehensive results. Due to the higher information densitysegments can be defin very precisely.

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This also makes it easier to determine the economic customer value for a company. Customer segments are form in order to develop marketing concepts KY Lists for a specific area. Converselyonce a customer has been assign to a segmentthis also means that he is automatically treat according to the concept of his segment. Prof. Dr. Michael Bernecker Customer segmentation represents the solution to the conflict between satisfying the nes of customers as individually as possible and allocating internal resources as efficiently as possible. – Prof. Dr. Michael BerneckerMD of the German Institute for Marketing . Size of Segments The size of the individual segmentsbe it in the context of market or customer segmentationis very flexible One.

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