Steps on his customer journey are mapp. At the ginning for example there is the realization that a certain ne exists. This ne leads the customer to make a purchase decision which then satisfies the previous ne with the purchase process. or an exchange may follow. These steps of the customer journey should analyz and eliminat for the future. The vertical axis: analysis criteria The vertical axis represents the individual analysis criteria to check at all customer steps. Which these are depends on what insights you want to gather about your customers. Relevant are for example: wishes and goals of the customer marketing.

In the case of customers a complaint

Channels and measures affecting him as well as emotions and feelings in the phases of the buying process. So there are different  map which can contain Panama Phone Number List different phases. The German Institute for Marketing uses a three-step process approach. The customer’s steps are divid into the phases of activation information and action: Customer Journey Map of the DIM Customer Journey Map Steps of Customer Journey Mapping Step : Gather reliable data Just like all strategic measures customer journey mapping should also bas on reliable data . In order to identify relevant potential for improvement you should not rely on assumptions.

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Ways to present a customer journey

Find out how your customer actually thinks and acts. Helpful sources of information for this are web analytics your own customer service or a target KY Lists customer survey. These sources can provide you with different information.  a holistic picture. Certificate course Gepr. operational market researcherDIM Step : Define a persona Creating a persona gives you a picture of your average customer. As a customer prototype it helps to tter understand the target group and to keep an eye on the nes goals problems and information havior of your customer. A separate customer journey map should develop for each persona in your company Ne help creating your personas With our many.

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