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Doesn’t A spongy poorly expos image only ruces interest in the product as inevitable conclusions are drawn about its quality. Therefore: Only use high-quality product images in your shop and also place them on other platforms or social  recognition value among fans of your brand. product picture Source: e Content for the online shop Product videos in the online shop Not for all but for some product types it is definitely advisable to integrate videos into the content for the online shop . This is especially true when the moving images can be us to show how a particular item is us. Again it is particularly important to.

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Pay attention to a high level of quality (especially in connection with picture AND sound). If you plan to continue to use the advantages of videos Estonia Phone Number List or films in the long term you also have the option of connecting your  online shop for example and thus expanding your network at the same time. With regard to the selection of the video topics  more areas than the basic information on the respective products. Perhaps there are questions that your customers keep asking about a certain item Take up exactly.

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These questions answer them in a short. Film and adapt the content for the online shop. Even better to your target group product. Video Source KY Lists Content for the online shop Product descriptions in the shop Anyone who has observ themselves shopping on the Internet knows that product descriptions are usually only read up to a certain point. Or to put it another way: most users often skim the descriptions of products. Should this content for the online shop therefore tend to be given less attention No Because: It not only offers an excellent basis for standing out from the competition but also enormous potential when it comes to ranking in the.

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