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For the end consumer market so higher prices are normal. Conversely it is just as natural that customers take a very close look at such high price regions. . Longer buying cycles To make matters worse the buying cycles in B B extend over a much longer period of time. This is not about weekly purchases but about investments that may only be repeat again after months or even years.  process is completely different so nobody can count on spontaneous purchases. Under certain circumstances the relationship with the customer is therefore refresh much less frequently.

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If a customer has to be won back first maintaining the relationship becomes even more complicat. New contacts new risks Nevertheless it is of course Nigeria Phone Number List possible to maintain good contact with the customer or the contact person in the customer company for years. have a negative impact on this contact: The new contact person may have his own ideas about where the budget should be spent he may first have to be convinc of the offer – in principle the previous customer loyalty will then be at zero again and have to start from scratch to be renew. Apart from that the purchasing decisions in the B B area remain decisions made by several.

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In addition the decision-making

People and even a single contact person does little to change that. The personal bond is therefore only one side of the coin the organizational one KY Lists the other. . Overlap between B C and B B In addition to these environment-specific challenges there are those shar by B C and B B. These include the growing importance of the entire digital area which ensures a lasting change in customer relationships. First and foremost this means that the factors that are now standard in B C are becoming.

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