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Change Otherwise they run the risk of losing touch with volatile market developments due to reactive and chaotic change management.  the Company The Hidden Management Discipline now How does corporate culture become visible The question gets to the heart of the problem corporate culture is inherently difficult to see and initially remains hidden from the inexperienc observer. The statement Culture is like Gravity – You don’t feel it unless you jump makes it clear why some managers even experience.

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Corporate culture as a mystery Culture is a strong force that works in secret. Managers who want to make the culture visible should proce in Bolivia Phone Number List three steps It is important to recognize culture as an implicit mechanism of action in any organization even if most organization members do not have antennae for it.  don’t notice anything as long as it’s a comfortable.  the temperature falls below ° or rises above °. Transferr to the corporate culture this means You only feel the culture when employees work past each other conflicts arise customers complain more often or deadlines are torn.

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The second step is to identify the control parameters of the corporate culture. Culture can be represent as an onion with three layers consisting of KY Lists behaviors attitudes and values. In this metaphor the shell represents behavior. The bowl is on the outside and is therefore clearly visible. If we slice the onion we discover layer by layer that there is more beneath the surface such as the settings. Finally we get to the heart of the matter the values. In fact settings and values ​​are not visible to the nak eye. But we can – in analogy to cutting open an onion – mentally deal with the deeper layers and thus make them tangible. Finally the third step consists of working with the identifi control parameters.

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