In relation to the total of inquiries reflects an exhaustion rate. The reference variable costs is very interesting. of trade fair activities and social mia activities can  made very clearly. The selection of the individual key figures should  made depending on the various marketing goals. The key figures should then  specifi and measur for each application. area should  defin for each marketing campaign. This means at least three key figures per instrument in the impact chain of reach interaction and transaction. This approach makes the effect of marketing measures very transparent Performance agencies.

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Are often held liablewhen the sales figures are weak. However the final deal may fail due to the company’s lack of reputation or things like Ecuador Phone Number List prices delivery conditions or other factors that have nothing to do with marketing. At the same time this marketing mindset makes it clear whether the measures are effective. Performance marketing makes the effectiveness of marketing campaigns more transparent.  orientation on the service provider and customer side. Marketing and sales controlling seminar Would you like to find out more about measuring the success of your marketing and sales measures receive practical implementation tips and learn from st practice examples Find out more about our Marketing and sales.

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Controlling seminar Thursday Marketing and sales controllingwith Prof. Dr. Nikola Ziehe in Cologne or onlineInform now Legend Free places KY Lists available. Only a few places leftSorry fully book Performance MarketingAdvantage Opportunities Potentials The wish of many companieslook over the shoulder of (potential) customers while surfing the Internet. And then win him over exactly according to his demands and nes. Performance marketing is ideal for this. cause one goal of performance marketing is to achieve a reaction or interaction with the target group. In this way customer wishes can  measur in concrete terms activities in digital mia can  optimiz and implement immiately. In addition to objective measurability modularity and the possibility of.

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