Add value and was a waste of time for me. The rating is allow. Whether a Google rating is permissible depends on three circumstances. Facts  user and the company There must have en an actual contact in a business context. Account: Was rat by an account with the real name of an actual person If no the evaluation is always inadmissible. Type of content: Even if the account is authentic and the facts are real a review can still disallow if its content violates Google’s policies. If companies receive a negative rating on Google these three points should check. If one of the three points deviates from the requir specifications.

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Deletion is possible. How can I delete a negative Google rating There are generally three options for deleting a Google rating.  – Low chance of success Macedonia Phone Number List External report via Google Maps – Low chance of success Commissioning of a specializ service provider – high chances of success Internal employees can report the negative review via the GMB profile.  of US Internet giants such as Google and Amazon the chances of success are slim in this respect. The same applies to external reporting via Google Maps. Google does not have an active customer service dealing with this issue.

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Internal reporting via profile

Accordingly users rarely receive any feback at all or can obtain a deletion. High chances of success only with a specializ service provider With the KY Lists commissioning of a specializ service provider the chances of success for the suggestion of the internal test procure and the successful deletion increase . The service providers are asking Google to initiate a test procure establish by case law. If the user experience is impair by the negative rating a deletion can effect. Professional service providers offer remuneration bas on success so that companies do not ar any cost risk. Initiative usually leads to failure Under no circumstances should companies.

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