Companies can adjust their competitive strategy to changing circumstances in good time and gain possible competitive advantages through information about competitors. Wnesday / / business developmentwith in Cologne or onlineInform now W. / / business development with Prof. Dr. Michael Bernecker in Cologne or onlineInform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. Competitive market research: procure First all relevant market data is systematically record process interpret and finally present. Secondary research usually plays a more important role than primary research. In contrast to primary research data that has already been collect and market research projects that have been.

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Implement are record and collat here. Then it is important to list all the companies that are among the direct competitors. The next step is to determine Mexico Phone Number List which competitors customers consider important. There are often unexpect insights here.  comparable areas. The following questions are helpful when identifying competitors:  company compete with Which competitors offer the same or relat products Why are the identifi companies current competitors In which market does the company compete with the identifi competitors Are there similarities among the competitors under consideration After the competitors have been identifi and characteriz.

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The next step is to segment them. Identifi competing providers are divid into internally homogeneous and heterogeneous groups so-call provider KY Lists clusters. In order to implement measures for dealing with the competition it is important to compare the relevant strengths and weaknesses of the competitor companies with the performance of your own company in advance. In order to prepare the competitive relationships conclusively characteristic values ​​are important. Market share number and strength as well as the behavior of the competing companies are the first starting points of competitive market research . Competitors’ plans should also be includ in the analysis. The implementation of a new pricing strategy new product.

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