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Popularity and a general improvement in the backlink structure. Another illegal SEO practice is article spinning to make a change to the content. This is to prevent identification as duplicate content. The aim of Black Hat SEO measures is within the search results. In order to achieve this result the guidelines of search engine operators such as Google Bing or Yahoo injur. BLACK HAT SEO – That doesn’t work at all The TOP Black Hat SEO measures Cloaking With cloaking the web crawler of the search engines is present with a different page than the human visitor under the same URL. Invisible text Invisible text in the source.

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Code pretends to the search engine that other content than the human visitor can see. Doorway pages Characteristic of doorway pages gateways for Mexico Phone Number List search engines is the one-sid linking network. For important search terms separate the search term are generat which then refer to the actual website. Mini network pages Another option is to create topic-relat mini pages in order to then always create a link to the central page.  difficult for the search engines to recognize the abuse. IP-Delivery IP-Delivery is us to detect the search engine crawlers. With IP delivery the web crawlers of the search engine are present.

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With a different page. Link farms Incoming links are important so pages have been creat that consist of countless links. However Google points out KY Lists that there shouldn’t be more than links on a page. Referrer spam If the site operator publishes the last pages through which a visitor came to their own site this is referrer spam. Comment and forum links Blogs and forums are particularly suitable for placing links. Here you can easily include links in blog comments and forum signatures. However Google in particular seems to hardly include links in the comments in the.

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