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His sister Meanwhile a new Death Star is being built so Han leads a conspiracy to stop the power of the star’s energy shield so fighters can destroy the new weapon. Luke surrenders to Vader to convince him to betray the Emperor. Han and his team are captur  of their plan. But new friends the Ewoks help and they eventually close the shield. Luke fights Vader again this time defeating his father but refusing to join the Emperor. The Emperor shoots the Force at Luke and Vader must intervene to save his son and kill his former master.

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Vader has Luke remove his mask before he dies so he can see his son with his own eyes. The new Death Star is destroy and there is a big party to Singapore Phone Number List celebrate the new freom in the galaxy. In the end Luke sees Yoda Obi-Wan and evennow. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens It’s been years since the Empire was defeat but a new enemy has emerg the First Order. Luke Skywalker had been training a new wave of Ji but was betray by an apprentice Kylo Ren and many were kill. Luke is then gone and the First Order is looking.

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Anakin all part of the Force

For him to finish what they start. The First Order is l by Supreme Leader Snoke Ren and their new weapon Starkiller Base which closely resembles a KY Lists Death Star. T General Leia Ass Pilot Poe Dameron and others. Dameron is captur by Ren early on but Dameron’s BB- is able to escape to Skywalker with a card. A stormtrooper FN- awakens during a battle and decides to leave the First Order and free Dameron in the process. They end up on the planet Jakku with Finn his nickname given to him by

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