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The customer wants to be sure that despite the business. Level of the relationship there is a serious interest. In their well-being. commitment In the B B sector. This term is close to that of loyalty. In essence it is about the business. Partners seeing a value in their relationships for. The long-term preservation of which they are willing to make a great deal of effort Interdepen dencies of the relationship components All of these dimensions of relationship quality.

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Cannot be understood separately from one another rather they are interwoven. To explain this interaction reference is often made to relational Panama Phone Number List contracts in which a relationship with formal and informal rules is creat on thewhich in turn represent the decisive factors in critical situations. relationship can certainly grow in the long term and stably which increases customer loyalty. Such a relationship with the customer  satisfaction fluctuates a break in the business relationship is at least very unlikely. To put it simply: In such a relationship positive experiences ensure satisfaction and thus build up enough trust in the long-term perspective so that the customer.

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Overlooks temporary dissatisfaction on the one hand and is willing to work to maintain the relationship on the other On the complexity of business KY Lists relationships in the B B area As already explain business relationships with B B customers are significantly more complex than with private customers. That depends not only on the interpersonal components of such a relationship but also on the services offer. The sector for example has taken a step towards greater customer orientation in recent years: the product remains important but it is even more important to provide the customer with additional services and thus to bind him to your own brand. In the B B sector this has.

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